Ambani calls Modi most successful prime minister in India’s history

He credited Modi for Gujarat’s remarkable transformation

FILE PHOTO; Mukesh Ambani (L) with Narendra Modi (SAM PANTHAKY/AFP via Getty Images)

Pramod Thomas

THE chairman of Reliance Industries has lauded Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s visionary leadership during his speech at the just concluded Vibrant Gujarat Summit.

Mukesh Ambani emphasised that Modi’s influence extended globally, portraying him as the most successful prime minister in India’s history.

He credited Modi for Gujarat’s remarkable transformation, declaring the state as the gateway to modern India’s growth.

He echoed the sentiment behind the popular slogan, “Modi Hai To Mumkin Hai,” signifying that where Modi is, possibilities are endless.

Ambani also expressed pride in being a Gujarati and declared that Reliance would forever remain a Gujarati company, dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of the people in the state.

He highlighted Reliance’s substantial investments, over $150 billion in the last decade, with one-third directed to Gujarat alone.

In a series of commitments to the people of Gujarat, Ambani announced Reliance’s role in driving green growth in the state.

He unveiled plans for the Dhirubhai Ambani Green Energy Giga Complex in Jamnagar, set to contribute significantly to renewable energy targets.

Additionally, he pledged to make Gujarat a global leader in 5G-enabled AI adoption, enhance retail services, and pioneer new materials and the circular economy.

Ambani concluded his speech by praising Modi’s journey from Gujarat to the global stage, expressing confidence in the Modi era propelling India to new heights of prosperity.

The head of one of the largest business groups in the world also envisioned a $35 trillion Indian economy by 2047 and a $3 trillion Gujarat economy, firmly believing in the unstoppable momentum of progress and development.

Ambani also revealed that Reliance and Reliance Foundation, in collaboration with various partners in Gujarat, will collectively enhance educational, sports, and skills infrastructure to nurture future champions across various Olympic sports.

This is in line with Modi’s vision for India to bid for the 2036 Olympics, he added.