Ayesha Singh: A heart full of dreams

The young actress made such an amazing impact that she helped turn Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin into a huge ratings winner

Ayesha Singh

Asjad Nazir

A GLORIOUS run on the hit TV serial, Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, propelled Ayesha Singh to greatness with a girl powerinfused character.

The young actress made such an amazing impact that she helped turn the romantic drama into a huge ratings winner with audiences of all ages. She also showcased her impres – sive versatility as a performer and became a powerful role model for a new generation. With multiple paths open to her, all eyes are now on what the talented 27-year-old will do next.

Eastern Eye caught up with the massively popular small screen star to discuss her remarkable Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin achievement, future hopes, amazing fan base, hero, what keeps her grounded, the pressure of success and why she doesn’t have a dream role.

How do you reflect on your Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin journey?

It was a beautiful adventure with ups and downs. The series was launched during the Covid pandemic and we were all very anxious, yet very happy to have found work during those hard times. Then, during lockdown, we had to move from one place to another. There were many challenges, including our set being burned down and most of us contracting Covid-19. But one constant thing that kept all of us going was the love of our audience, from the time our show was launched till now.

What else can you share about your experience while shooting it?

What also made it worthwhile were the many great friends I made on sets and the chance to work with a great team. All the technical team members are friends of mine now. I’ll always have these people in my life. This show has given me a lot and I will keep it close to my heart.

Did you imagine the series would become so popular?

No, not at all, especially since it was launched during Covid and the lockdown period. I was just grateful to start a new show and wasn’t thinking beyond that. I definitely didn’t expect it to be so loved and cherished by the audience. I never imagined they would connect so much with the characters and that I would receive so much appreciation for it.

What is the biggest life lesson you learned while doing the show?

When I reflect back now, I think I learned how to stick to my work and understand why I’m there on the set. That is something I will always keep in mind. The bottom line is that your hard work will show. So, you have to be honest and sincere about that. I learned that hard work will take you somewhere

What is the plan going forward?

I have absolutely no plans. The only thing I considered was resting for a while and I think I am done with that. I’m open to good work and listening to great stories. There is no plan as such. Even the show was never planned; it just happened. And that is the beauty of great work. You keep working and something great will happen eventually. The only thing in mind is to do something good I would connect with.

Do you feel under pressure to find something as good as that series?

I don’t find myself under any pressure because, honestly, when I took on the project, I didn’t know that it would work out and do wonders. The constant in my mind has always been that the character should offer something.

So, there is no pressure, but definitely, I would pay attention to knowing my character and what it has to offer. Also, a lot of times, it is up to the audience and whether they resonate with what you are doing. It’s all so very uncertain that there is no point in taking such pressure.

Is acting in films something you are thinking about seriously?

Most definitely. Films will always be part of my thought process and the journey I want to take. If a good opportunity in film comes across, absolutely, but I would not stop myself from working on some other project for it.

Ayesha Singh

What about working in the west?

I would consider myself really lucky if I could get an opportunity to work in the west because it would help me grow so much as an artist and enable me to get a more global reach. I’m actually really thrilled about the idea and wish I knew how to go about it.

Do you have a dream role?

I don’t have a dream role because I don’t want to put specific goals in my mind. I want to remain open to all possibilities. I just want to do challenging roles or something different. It could be action, a thriller, horror, suspense, drama, comedy, or anything else that challenges me. I want to explore everything and not restrict myself to one thing. You don’t want to lose sight of yourself by accomplishing one specific thing. So, I’ll keep myself open to everything.

Who would you love to work with?

I want to work with many great directors and producers, making something different and presenting different stories. That too, with fresh faces. There are a lot of colleagues who I would love to work with. Too many names are coming to mind.

Ultimately, it is the wonderful directors and producers who are taking a chance on doing something different. I think that is very encouraging and inspiring. You would always want to work with somebody who would inspire, guide and challenge you.

Is reality TV something you are considering?

Only if it’s for a short time span and something that will not deviate my energy as an actor or hold me back if I get a good opportunity for an acting job. So yeah, sure, I’m up for it. It also depends on what kind of reality show we are talking about, because they have different kinds of requirements. But I would not want to take a break from an acting job to do reality TV.

How much do your fans mean to you?

They mean the world to me. I respect them so much for being there for me and for being such a strong support system. For loving me unconditionally, even when I’m not there. I never expected this, and still, the love is pouring in. My fans have so much faith in me, which is my strength, honestly. There is a certain kind of expectation you want to fulfil and you don’t want to break hearts. I feel very loved, honestly, and love them all very much. They are amazing.

What are your big passions away from work?

You know, anything that I do actually comes back to my work. I love watching global films and television serials. I watch them for the acting, screenplay, technical prowess, or just for some aspect that stands out. Then it comes back and teaches you something as an actor. I’m learning a lot from that.

I also love reading – that also brings me back to my work by making me more observant and enabling me to add nuances to a character when reading a script.

Even working out helps me because, as an actor, you need to be fit. So, everything comes back in a circle.

What about other interests that are not connected to work?

Being with my family is something I really love. I’m very passionate about spending time with them. But being around people and so many emotions again contribute to your acting. So, everything that I do in my life circles back to me as an actor.

You are a hero for many, but who is your biggest hero?

I think my brother would be my biggest hero. I can fight and laugh with my brother. I follow my individuality and make my own decisions, but whenever I’m stuck, I know I will always find him. I will always continue to depend on him. He has been a very strong force in my personal life as well as my career. My brother has always believed in me. He’s always been like, ‘if you want to do it, go ahead and don’t worry about anything.’ I’m highly influenced by his thought process. My brother is my hero and will always be there for me.

You are a massively popular star, but what keeps you so grounded?

Thank you. I think growing up in a joint family, when you are among the youngest and part of that big family, everyone keeps you in check. My parents, brother and whole extended family have always kept my feet on the ground and never let me think I am bigger than anything or anyone. I think they themselves are very humble and nice people. (Laughs) If needed, they will bully me into remaining grounded.

Tell us something that not many people know about you?

After Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, I actually had a lot of difficulty getting back into my routine and am still going through that process. I have lost the schedule I had for two and-a-half to three years, which kept me on point. I am struggling to get back into a normal routine, which takes time. I haven’t really gotten hold of myself and my new routine. My New Year’s resolution is to correct it and be more disciplined. So, that is something people would not know. I’m working on it.

What does acting mean to you today?

Oh, that would be a very elaborate answer because acting includes everything, like a sense of me today, in the past and the future, along with whatever I have observed with the people around me. Whatever I learned, what I will read, the technicalities, nuances, and everything. That is acting for me today. I would love to have an opportunity where I would be guided through a character which would need all that.

Acting for me now, in the past and forever, has always been a part of you and the character you’re playing. Everything circles back to acting. It just depends on how observant you are and where you want to take it.