Determined to have big dreams

Jasmine Bhasin


AFTER a terrific television career, Jasmine Bhasin made her film debut as a lead in the hit Punjabi comedy, Honeymoon .

She is set to follow up her 2022 success with two major Punja – bi movies due to be released in 2024. The first is a sequel to a smash hit, Warning 2, and the other is Carry On Jattiye, which is part of a globally successful franchise.

The popular actress recently shot for Carry On Jattiye in London with an all-star cast that included Sargun Mehta and Gippy Grewal. The hotly anticipated comedy is set to propel her further up the film ranks.

 Eastern Eye caught up with the actress shortly after the UK shooting schedule to discuss her journey so far, move to films, future hopes, creative inspirations and her favourite London memory. She also revealed her ultimate hero.

How do you reflect on your journey as an actress?

I feel that as an artist I’m still in that phase of learning and growing. When I first started, I didn’t have much knowledge or understanding about this world. So, as I’m growing, I’m slowly learning and preparing for bigger and better things. I always feel that my journey is just beginning, and there’s still a lot more for me to achieve and learn.

How much did the huge success of your debut film as a lead, Honeymoon, mean to you?

It meant a lot. I always say your first is special. I have been very lucky and blessed that my debut project, Honeymoon, was in Punjabi. It was such a big, beautiful film, with amazing co-actors. The success was very special because your first [film] allows you to set your goals for what you’re going to do next and how far you will go. It opened up a really ex – citing path for me.

What was the experience of shooting in London again for your new film?

Shooting again in London for Carry On Jattiye was nice and nostalgic. I used to tell every – body what we did the last time we shot in London, including where we hung out. We had so much fun this time too. It was a great team of people and co-actors to work with. It just felt like a comfort zone. I love London, but the weather, sometimes, is very depressing and really cold. Like the last time we were shooting here, we had to battle the cold at the location. But I really enjoyed it and had loads of fun.

Tell us about your new film, Carry On Jattiye?

Like everybody knows, Carry On Jatta is a hit [film] franchise. Now, in this second instalment, the protagonists are women. So, the Jattiye are me and Sargun Mehta. We had a great time shooting it. It’s a family entertainer and a film with a beautiful message. The comic scenes were a lot of fun. My first film impressed so many; the second one will do justice to it.

What is it like to team up with actor and producer Gippy Grewal again after Honeymoon?

It’s great. I feel really thankful to him for giving me a chance again because Carry On Jattiye is a huge franchise for him. I’m grateful he believed in me and gave me the opportunity to work on such a major project. I look up to him with loads of respect.

Can you share a memorable moment from shooting the film in London?

There were so many memorable moments while shooting in London. I think the best part of the whole London schedule was the day I went to Winter Wonderland with Sargun and some of my other friends. I love rides and playing games.

Wonderland is the place I want to live all my life, having fun on those rides. That was the best day [I ever had].

What is it that you love most about London?

I love that everybody is always impeccably dressed. Fashion is around every corner, making every direction a catwalk. It’s one of the things I adore about the city.

What other confirmed projects do you have on the way?

I have a film called Warning 2 that is being released in February. The first in the series, Warning, was a very successful film in Punjab and one of the biggest hits of that year. I’m looking forward to that. Then, of course, Carry On Jattiye will be out in July.

Are you now focusing on films?

Yes, I have been concentrating on films for the last two or three years. I have started on a promising note in regional cinema. Now, I’m on the lookout for an equally good debut in Hindi films. It’s a dream that has to come true. I’m not giving up until it does.

Can you see yourself working in the west?

Of course, why not? I’ve always considered myself a voracious artist, thriving in any medium or environment that feels right. If I get an opportunity to perform, then why not? For me, artistically, boundaries like east, west, north, or south hold no significance. What truly matters is the platform where we can shine and exhibit our skills.

Who would you love to work with?

Honestly, as much as I might express a desire to work with x, y or z, things don’t happen that way. Let’s be practical. What truly matters to me is a solid script and an exceptional technical team. With those elements in place, I can finally demonstrate the talent and skills I’ve been honing for years. Up until now, I haven’t had a complete opportunity to truly showcase my capabilities as an actor and performer. I’m genuinely waiting for a chance like that to come my way.

Jasmine Bhasin

Tell us something that not many people know about you

. I think I’ve always been such an open book; everybody knows everything about me. I can tell you silly things [about myself]. You know, people always compliment me about my fitness, but I eat so much unhealthy food. You will not believe me when I tell you that I eat dessert almost every single night.

What are your biggest passions away from work?

Honestly, it has been such that my only passion has been acting. I really enjoy cooking. It’s me-time and helps me de-stress. However, in terms of sheer importance and dedication, nothing surpasses my commitment to acting. It’s been the force behind me leaving home, enduring years of struggle and undergoing transformative journeys. Despite the challenges, I haven’t given up. I know that my dreams will come true. For me, this life is dedicated to pursuing that passion, leaving no room for any other significant pursuit beyond acting.

What is the best advice that you have ever received?

I’m all heart when I’m comfortable with people. I build trust very easily. Most times, we are around people who will judge you based on things you say, form an opinion, or use it [against you] in some way.

The best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten is to think before speaking, no matter how nice those people are to you. They may be nice to your face, but different behind your back. So, I’m careful with my words and with what I’m saying. I should not trust or believe in people blindly, though I always end up doing that.

You are a hero to many, but who is your own hero?

My mother is my biggest hero, because wherever I have reached, whatever I’m able to do is thanks to her. During the initial stages, she was the only person who supported me. My mother always understood me, without me speaking, clarifying, or justifying anything, and always stood by me. She taught me how to take those crucial steps. Thanks to her belief in me, I now have the confidence that I can create a beautiful life for myself. My mother is my hero, and she always will be.

What inspires you creatively?

The ability to emote, share and make people believe in the emotions we are trying to showcase through a script or story is inspiring.

Human emotions are the most important part of our personality, and we always need to be connected to them. As actors, we have the ability and privilege to make people go through those emotions.

We get to remind people of their journeys, what’s important and what’s not in life.

What does acting mean to you now?

Acting is my biggest passion and has been my relentless pursuit since I left home in 2008. It’s become an unyielding determination of mine to prove myself in a role that truly showcases my abilities. I’ve faced countless challenges, but my dedication to acting remains unshaken.

Performing isn’t just a choice; it’s an essential part of my existence. Just as one needs to breathe to live, acting is vital for me. I live and breathe to act and perform.