Deviyani Sharma: ‘Save the Tigers’ is the perfect example of feel good entertainment

The big streaming site successes have shown Sharma’s superb range as an actress

Deviyani Sharma

Eastern Eye

DEVIYANI SHARMA announced herself with winning performance in hit Hotstart serials Save The Tigers and Shaitaan.  

The big streaming site successes have shown her superb range as an actress. The ambitious young star has set herself high goals and is looking forward to taking on bigger challenges, including international cinema. 

 Eastern Eye caught up with a terrific talent you will be hearing a lot more about to talk about her hit shows and future hopes.  

What connects you to acting?  

I’m a highly emotional person and acting helps me take these emotions out. It gives me the ability to explore and embody different characters, emotions and experiences.  

Which character have you most enjoyed playing?  

Out of the characters I have played, Jayapradha (in Shaitaan) will be my all-time favourite, because it was challenging and a role which gave me the ‘actor’ title. I enjoyed it because I love challenges. 

 What was your experience on working in Shaitaan? 

 Shaitaan will always hold a special place in my heart because I experienced the true essence of filmmaking and passion for storytelling. It was a profound learning experience working under the direction of Mahi V Raghav.  

Did you expect Save The Tigers to become such a gigantic success?  

I did think it would be a popular show, but never expected it to be such a big hit. Season one and two becoming a super hit and in the three top shows in India, on the OTT space was extremely overwhelming. I am grateful for all the love its receiving.  

Why do you think the show has been so popular? 

 I believe the writing brilliance connects audiences to Save The Tigers. It’s a light-hearted show that effortlessly brings smiles and laughter to everyone. It’s the perfect example of feelgood entertainment, where viewers of all ages, from kids to adults, can come together and enjoy it. It’s the kind of show that binds people together, creating shared moments of joy and laughter, which makes it an ideal choice for viewing.  

What are the plans for your acting career? 

 I want to do some intense cinema in India and internationally, where I can use my potential to the fullest. I am also writing a short film. Do you have a dream role? I would love to play a real life character – a role that’s meaty, holds substance and inspires people. 

 Who do you aspire to work with someday?  

I have big list, but a dream director is Asghar Farhadi. Every actor, including me, dreams of working with him once in their life time.  

I would also love to work with actor and now director Dev Patel because I am a big admirer of his work. 

 What do you enjoy watching as an audience?  

I enjoy love stories, lighthearted content and thrillers. 

 If you could master something new, what would it be? 

 I want to master the art of learning new languages, so I could act and be a part of world cinema, which I am trying to do.  

I would also want to learn martial arts.  

What inspires you? 

 I am inspired by the power of storytelling. I’m drawn to stories that resonate with audiences on a deeper level, sparking conversations and emotions. Ultimately, what inspires me as an actor is the opportunity to connect with others, to evoke emotions, provoke thoughts, and perhaps even make a difference in someone’s life through the stories we tell.  

Acting allows me to explore the depths of human experiences, to challenge myself creatively, and contribute to the rich tapestry of storytelling that enriches our lives. 

 Instagram: @deviyyani