Koreans and Indians similar in their love for movies: director Kim Shin Ho-San

His critically acclaimed short My Unnie (My Elder Sister) was screened in New Delhi recently.

My Unnie director Kim Shin Ho-San

Mohnish Singh

South Korean filmmaker Kim Shin Ho-San, whose critically acclaimed short My Unnie (My Elder Sister) was screened in New Delhi recently, says she has always thought that Indians and Koreans share a common love for movies and are good at mathematics.

The film, which won the grand prize at the Film Festival of Women’s Rights held in September this year in Korea, was screened as part of the Korean Cultural Centre India’s film marathon to commemorate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and India.

“I have never visited India, but when I lived in the United States as a child, I met many friends of Indian nationality. From my experience there, I thought that Korean and Indian people have cultural similarities in that they love movies and are good at math,” the filmmaker told PTI in an interview.

My Unnie follows the story of Yeon, a free spirit basking in music and smoking. When her little sister Daon comes her way with bruises all over, Yeon must face what she had tried to look away from. The film revolves around the theme of domestic violence.

Kim Shin Ho-San said India is on the list of places she wants to travel in the future.

“I want to see India’s magnificent architecture, but more than anything, I want to explore India’s vast and diverse natural environment,” she said, counting 3 Idiots, Life of Pi, and Lion among her favorite films about India.

As part of the ‘New Delhi Korean Film Festival 2023’ in November, the KCCI also screened movies such as Little Forest, Beyond This Place, and Ullarivu.

Hwang Il Yong, Director of Korean Cultural Centre India said through the festival, they could understand that Indians’ love for Korean culture and movies has grown.

“We were able to see that local Indians’ love and interest in Korean culture and movies has deepened, and its individual tastes have become more diverse as we have prepared for this year’s New Delhi Korean Film Festival.

“We plan to further develop special programs to introduce and experience Korean movies while introducing and disseminating various Korean cultures in India,” he said.