Telford child sex offender sentenced to 12 more years

Mubarek Ali pleaded guilty to rape, trafficking and other offences against a young girl between 2004 and 2008

Mubarek Ali (Photo: West Mercia Police)

Pramod Thomas

A Telford paedophile was handed a 12-year prison sentence for offences relating to child sexual exploitation.

Murabek Ali, of HMP Hewell, was sentenced at Shrewsbury Crown Court on Monday (20)for crimes he carried out between 2004 and 2008 against a girl who was 14-years old at the time.

The 40-year-old pleaded guilty last month to two counts of rape, one count of trafficking for sexual exploitation, three counts of sexual activity with a child and one count of indecent assault.

Ali, who is already serving time in prison for a string of sexual offences, was given a 14-year prison sentence in 2012 following an investigation by West Mercia Police into child sexual exploitation in Telford, known as Operation Chalice.

He will now serve the 12-year sentence which will run concurrently. Ali was informed that he would serve 12 years in prison for the latest charges, and an additional eight on extended licence.

He was jailed as part of Operation Chalice which uncovered a paedophile ring in Telford 12 years ago.

The operation started six years before an independent inquiry was set up to probe the scale of child sexual exploitation in the city in the 1980s.

According to reports, he was released in 2017 after completing half his sentence. However, he was jailed again for violating the terms of his licence.

As a result, the extra years were added to his custodial sentence, taking it to 2032.

His application for release was rejected in 2022 as he was ruled as a ‘public threat’ by the parole board.

During the court proceedings, it was emerged that the victim and three other girls were taken to a location in Stoke-on-Trent where there were other men.

Prosecutor Steven Perian KC said that he used the girl for his sexual gratification, took her to various places for sex himself and to pimp her out to others, including hotels, his mother’s house and takeaways.

“You have shown no remorse at all. She was a vulnerable girl who had been through a very difficult childhood. [She was] desperate for a stable relationship and you… must have seen that. You were an adult,” Judge Peter Barrie was quoted as saying.

“You made her have sex with you in different places, in different ways and with different people. It became normalised behaviour for her. As she became older, she became less easy for you to manipulate.

“You took advantage of the hold you had over her to get her to have sex with other men. Often with older men it involved being taken to restaurants where they were queuing up to have sex with her.”

Detective sergeant Cindi Lee, who led the investigation, said, “We welcome the sentence given to Ali by the judge, and even though I welcome it, it does not take away the lifelong trauma he caused the victim and her family.

“Ali is a highly dangerous individual who preyed on young girls, and it is incomprehensible that he would commit such crimes against them.

“For the victim to come forward and to report these crimes it took a lot of courage and strength, and I would like to commend her for her bravery throughout the investigation and trial.”