The future belongs to Nitanshi

The soon-to-be 17-year-old talks about her action-packed journey, Laapataa Ladies success, transforming her appearance for the film, having Aamir Khan as a producer and future hopes.

Nitanshi Goel

By: Asjad Nazir

SENSATIONAL young star Nitanshi Goel has already done more at the age of 16 than most actors achieve in a lifetime.

The Indian actress followed up starring roles in a series of hit TV serials and appearing in films in supporting roles, with her debut movie as a lead, Laapataa Ladies earlier this year.

One of the best reviewed Hindi movies of recent years saw her deliver a transformative performance that has kick-started an ex – citing new chapter in her remarkable story, which started as a child actor. The naturally gifted teenage talent from India, with over 10 million Instagram followers, represents the future and is on a fast track to greatness.

 Eastern Eye caught the soon-to-be 17-year-old to speak about her action-packed journey, Laapataa Ladies success, transforming her appearance for the film, having Aamir Khan as a producer and future hopes. She spoke with the maturity of a seasoned professional and demon – strated why she has done so much at such a young age.  

Tell us about the start of your sensational acting journey. 

 I always wanted to come on TV and per – form on stage since my childhood. I would try to participate and win all the competitions, whether they were inter-school dance or drama competitions. Soon my parents started noticing my growing interest in acting. So initially, I broke into the industry as a junior artist. My family would go with me when I performed as a junior artist on film sets, so that I could see how shootings would happen. It all start – ed from there. 

 Do you remember meeting superstar Aamir Khan for the first time? 

 The first time I met Aamir sir was on the sets of PK. He was shooting for the song Love Is A Waste Of Time. My family and I were sitting in the audience. I was sat right behind Aamir sir and suddenly he turned to look back at something – that’s when I got to see him clearly and instantly got starstruck. I even went up to him to take his autograph on a tissue paper to which he sweetly agreed. 

 How did you feel when you were offered a lead role in his home production Laapataa Ladies?

Well, later I lost that autograph and cried for three hours straight. But in 2021, when the call came up saying “You are finalised to play the lead in Aamir sir’s film”, it felt like my manifestation had finally come to life.  

What was the experience of working on Laapataa Ladies like?  

Becoming Phool Kumari was a completely transformative experience. I did intense prep to make sure my performance and look particularly, were true to a girl who is from Nirmal Paresh in 2001. I embarked on a three-month journey of deliberate tanning, spending hours under the sun to adopt a rugged persona, far different from my natural appearance. It took me five months to get back to my original skin after the shoot. 

Goel n a still from Laapataa Ladies

 What inspired you to immerse yourself so completely in the character?  

I got this inspiration from Aamir sir – how at the time of Dangal he gained weight in three months and got back into shape after that. I also wanted to follow that dedication to my craft. All this was to ensure that the authenticity of the film, and my character is respected throughout. 

  What was it like having a big name like Aamir Khan as the producer? Every actor dreams of working with Aamir sir. I feel so grateful that I got to work with him in my debut film. As an actor, Aamir sir is everyone’s favourite, but he is also a beautiful human inside and out. 

 During promotions in Bhopal, someone asked him about the secret behind his ever-smiling personality. He said, ‘My mother has taught me that, kabhi kisi ka dil nahi dukhana chahiye, aur agar galti ho bhi jaaye toh immediately maafi maang leni chahiye (don’t hurt anyone’s heart and if by mistake you do, immediately ask for forgiveness). Always keep your intentions pure and truthful.’ I resonate with this a lot as my mumma has also taught me the same thing and I will always carry it with me in the future. 

 How much did the rave reviews Laapataa Ladies and your performance received mean to you? I feel grateful and express gratitude to all the viewers for the positive feedback. I would like to acknowledge the validation it brings to my hard work and dedication. 

 Additionally, I would like to mention that such reviews surely motivate me to continue honing my craft and delivering meaningful performances in future.  

What was the best thing you learned while working on this film?  

The lessons I’ve learned while working include a memorable quote from Aamir Khan sir. He once said he doesn’t go about looking for perfection, instead, he looks for a magical moment in a scene.  

This perspective emphasises the importance of authenticity and spontaneity in acting, reminding us to focus on capturing the essence of a moment than chasing an unattainable standard of flawlessness. 

 Will you be focusing on films from now on? 

 I will be focusing on good work now. I would like to portray good roles filled with challenges so that I get to explore myself and the characters.   

You have a massive following. How much do your fans mean to you? 

 Today whatever and wherever I am, it’s because of my fans who have always been there to support me.  

Whether it has been any TV show I have done, my songs, or now my film Laapataa Ladies, they have always showered lots of love on me. I am grateful to have them. My Nitanshians are like a family to me.  

How did you feel crossing 10 million followers on Instagram? 

 I feel very good to have such a good and big social media family. I would like to express my gratitude for the support of my fans and followers.  

I would also like to acknowledge their role in my journey as an actress. Additionally, I would like to reflect on the milestone as a testament to the connection I have built with the audience. I will surely continue sharing engaging content and connecting with my fans in meaningful ways.  

Nitanshi Goel

You have been working since a very young age. Do you feel like you’ve missed out on anything growing up?  

I don’t think that I have missed out on anything while growing up. I am thankful for the opportunities and experiences my work has provided me. I faced some challenges of balancing work and childhood, but I have also learnt some valuable lessons and have fulfilled the aspects of pursuing my passion from a young age.  

How do you handle the pressure of success at such a young age? 

 Whenever someone enters the industry, it’s natural that there will be the pressure of success.  

But I feel it’s the same for everyone working in any field. I have a strong support system, including my family, friends, and mentors, who help me navigate the challenges and responsibilities that come with success. I try to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life to manage the pressures effectively.  

Tell us something about you that not many people know.  

Learning Korean and Telugu has opened up so many doors to understanding different parts of the world.  

I think working in Tollywood and Korean movies would be a fantastic way to dive deeper into those cultures and industries. I enjoy immersing myself in languages and cultures I’m passionate about – it’s a journey filled with endless opportunities for growth and discovery. 

 What inspires you? 

 I am just obsessed with Rekha ji. I am also told that I look like her. I used to imitate her a lot but later I stopped doing that as I realised there can’t be another Rekha ji. I also gain inspiration from Kangana Ranaut, particularly her roles in Queen and Manikarnika and Priyanka Chopra, including her portrayal in Barfi, which is truly admirable. Their performances not only showcase their remarkable acting skills but also convey powerful messages and emotions, inspiring audiences around the world. 

 Do you have a dream role you would love to play?  

I haven’t bound myself by any notion of what a dream role would be. I am prepared to give every role my all. 

 I am hopeful and a strong believer that I will always be rewarded with the right roles if I am true to my craft. 

 Why do you love being an actress? 

 Becoming an actress allows me to live out diverse roles and immerse myself in storytelling in a profound way. 

 It’s an exciting journey filled with endless opportunities for growth and connection with audiences.