YSOBLUE: Creative colours of a new music artist

The rising star discusses his new album, inspirations and future hopes. 


Asjad Nazir

AN EXCITING generation of independent Indian artists like YSOBLUE are adding a new dimension to commercial music with songs that cross cool creative horizons.

The multi-genre music producer has teamed up with eclectic artists for his accomplished debut album Shown In Blue, which has diverse songs with cross-generational appeal. The top tracks featuring terrific singers have shown he is a top talent to watch out for. 

 Eastern Eye caught up with the rising star to discuss his new album, inspirations and future hopes. 

 What first connected you to music? 

 My journey into music began during my school days when I stumbled upon VH1 channel. The eclectic mix of music genres they played resonated deeply with me, igniting a passion for music exploration. 

 VH1 became my gateway to a world of diverse sounds and melodies, shaping my early musical tastes and sparking a lifelong love affair with music. 

 Tell us about your debut album.

My debut album, Shown In Blue, is a culmination of a year-long creative journey, marked by collaboration and experimentation. The collaborative effort represents a mosaic of different music genres intricately woven together. It’s an expression of my musical identity, showcasing my diverse range of sounds and influences. 

 How did you select the variety of songs to go on the album?  

Selecting the songs for the album was a collaborative process fuelled by creative synergy with my friends. We brainstormed ideas and concepts, aligning them with the overarching theme of the album. 

 Each song was carefully curated to contribute to the eclectic tapestry of sounds, with my friends bringing their unique perspectives and talents to the table. 

 How important was it to work with great vocalists on the songs?  

Working with exceptional vocalists was paramount for me as they play a pivotal role in bringing the songs to life. Fortunately, all the vocalists featured on the album are friends and collaborators whom I deeply admire. Their immense talent and chemistry with me made the selection process effortless, ensuring that each vocalist perfectly complemented the mood and vibe of the respective tracks.  

Who are you hoping connects to the songs?  

I believe the album resonates with anyone seeking a sonic journey that transcends boundaries. It’s for those who crave authenticity and are open to exploring new musical horizons. 

 The songs speak to individuals in search of inspiration, solace, or simply a moment of introspection amid the cacophony of life.  

The cover of his new album Shown In Blue.

How would you describe your style as a multi-genre music producer? 

 As a multi-genre music producer, my style is characterized by a fusion of emotions and sounds. I strive to infuse each composition with raw, heartfelt emotions, transcending genre limitations. Whether it’s through ethereal melodies or gritty beats, I aim to evoke a visceral response from listeners, forging a deep emotional connection through music. 

 Do you have a favourite song on the album? 

 While I cherish every track on the album, if I were to pick a personal favourite, it would be Jaage.  

The hauntingly beautiful composition and poignant lyrics penned by Kanika and Suruchi Sharma resonate deeply with me. It’s a song that captures the essence of raw emotion and showcases the collaborative magic, fuelling the creation of this album. 

 What inspires you creatively?  

Creativity for me is a product of observation and immersion in the world around me. 

 Nature, with its boundless beauty and tranquillity, serves as a wellspring of inspiration, guiding my creative endeavours.  

Moreover, the diverse tapestry of human experiences, emotions, and interactions constantly fuels my creativity, allowing me to translate life’s myriad moments into evocative musical expressions.  

What music dominates your personal playlist?  

In my personal playlist, you’ll find a fusion of genres reflecting my eclectic taste in music. 

 However, I find myself gravitating towards hybrid trap-style compositions and experimental music that push the boundaries of sonic innovation. These genres not only inspire me creatively but also provide a canvas for experimentation and self-expression. 

 What can we expect next from you? 

 Exciting collaborations and new musical ventures are on the horizon. I’m bubbling with anticipation as I dive into fresh creative projects that promise to push the boundaries of my artistic exploration. Stay tuned for a diverse array of releases that promise to captivate and inspire listeners. 

 Who would you love to collaborate with?  

One artist I’ve always admired and dreamed of collaborating with is Jahnavi Harrison. Her soulful vocals and profound musicality resonate deeply with me. I believe a collaboration with her would be nothing short of magical. Collaborating with artists who share a passion for pushing artistic boundaries is what fuels my creative fire.  

Why should we all listen to your new album?  

Listening to my new album isn’t just about experiencing a collection of songs – it’s about embarking on a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and genres. Each track is a labour of love, meticulously crafted to evoke emotions and stir the soul. From heartfelt ballads to pulsating beats, the album offers something for everyone. 

 By immersing yourself in the album, you not only support my artistic journey but also become a part of a musical odyssey that promises to uplift, inspire, and resonate with audiences worldwide.